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Boris Vladimirovich Bank (1900-1984), a scientist

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BANK, BORIS VLADIMIROVICH (1900 – 1984), expert in library science and reader audience research. Candidate of pedagogical sciences (1969). Since 1919 he worked in Public Library in Petrograd, in 1921 he finished higher library science school at the same library.
When he was called up for the Red Army, he served as a regiment librarian, later he was put in charge of the Library for military education institution of Leningrad Military District and Library of Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army (RKKA) Cavalry Higher School. Since 1925 he worked at Leningrad Communist Institute for Political Education named after N. K. Krupskaya (now University of Culture and Arts), also was a lecturer for Leningrad Oblast School of Political Education, Higher Trade Union School of Culture and a range of other higher educational institutions, including military ones. He accomplished over 200 works on the problem of reading and forming of a reader personality / educating readers. He came forward with the idea of founding the Leningrad oblast universal science library (LOUSL). In 1920 he was engaged in research of the reading audience of Petrograd Gubernia, then of the Leningrad Oblast. Between 1970 and 1973 under his guidance the Institute of Culture completed a research study of young readers, including the members of 67 libraries in 6 districts of the Leningrad Oblast (namely Boksitogorsk, Tikhvin, Kingisepp, Luga, Lomonosov and Tosno Districts).

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Bank, Boris Vladimirovich
Vilenkin, Aleksandr Yakovlevich

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