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Bryullov, Aleksandr Pavlovich (1798- 1877), an architect

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Aleksandr Pavlovich Bryullov (1799-1877), an architect, water-colour artist, theoretician of architecture. A.P. Bryullov was the elder brother of the painter K.P. Bryullov. A.P. Bryullov was graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1821. He was a member of the Committee for Buildings and Hydraulic Works. In 1830 he became an architect of the Emperor court. During 1832-1871 Bryullov was a professor, since 1854 an Honored professor and a member of the Soviet of the Academy of Arts. He was one of heads of the Winter Palace restoration after the fire of 1837. The most significant buildings in St. Petersburg: the building of the Mikhailovsky Theatre (1831-1833); the German Lutheran church of St. Peter in Nevsky Prospect (1833-1838); the ensemble of the Pulkovo Observatory (1834-1839); the building of the Guard Corps Staff in Palace Square (1837-1843). A.P. Bryullov designed buildings and monuments in Kronshtadt, Orenburg, Tobolsk, Novgorod and other cities. In 1834 the Roman-Catholic church - burial-vault of St. Stephenida over the grave of Stephania Vitgenshtein in the estate of Druzhnoselye (the settlement of Druzhnoselye, Gatchina district). Bryullov built an alms-house near the church, laid out the landscape park encircled with banks around it. A.P. Bryullov was buried in Pavlovsk cemetery.

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Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Druzhnoselye Settlement
Saint-Petersburg City/Kronshtadt Town
Neighbouring Territories/Novgorod City

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