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Krichinsky, Stepan Samoylovich (1874 -1923), an architect

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Stepan Samoylovich Krichinsky (1874 -1923), an architect. In 1897 Krichinsky graduated from the Civil Engineers Institute in St. Petersburg. From 1900 he was an architect, then chief architect of the Board of the Frontier Troops Separate Corps. He was a professor of architecture. From 1922 he was the Head of the Architecture Building Board. Krichinsky was the author of more then 100 projects of houses, estates, churches and public buildings in Russia and abroad. The Theodorovsky Cathedral - the monument for the 300th anniversary of the Romanov's Family (1911-1914), the cathedral mosque (1910-1913; joint authorship), the Theodorovsky Gorodok in tsarskoye Selo (1913-1917) and many others. Krichinsky's works are various on their style, the architect used the "Russian style", neoclassicism, modernist style. The house of Shcherbov (1910-1911; see the article: P.E. Shcherbov's historical-memorial estate - museum) and the shop of the Guard Economy Society (17, Sobornaya Street) were built according to Krichinsky's project in Gatchina. The building of the Trading College was built on Krichinsky's project in Lyuban. S.S. Krichinsky was buried in the "Literary Men Mostki" of Volkovskoye cemetery.

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Krichinsky, Stepan Samoilovich
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Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Gatchina Town/Sobornaya Street
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