Articles / Totleben, Eduard Ivanovich (1818 - 1884), a military figure, an architect

Totleben, Eduard Ivanovich (1818 - 1884), a military figure, an architect

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Eduard Ivanovich Totleben (1818 - 1884), Count (1879), Aide-de-camp- General (from 1855), Engineer-General (from 1869), a member of the State Council (1879), an honorary member of the St. Petersburg of the Academy of Sciencies (1855). From 1832 he learned at the Engineer College in St. Petersburg (he did not graduate it). Totleben led the engineer works during the siege of Sevastopol from 1854 to 1855. In 1859 Totleben was appointed the Head of the Engineering Department. From 1863 till 1877 he was an assistant Inspector -General for the Engineering Grand Duke Nikolay Nikolayevich. Being the real Head of the Military Engineering Department, Totleben developed the system of the state border defence. During the Russian-Turkish War (1877-1878) Totleben headed the siege of Plevna Town. From April 1878 till January 1879 he was the Commander in Chief of the front-line forces. During 1879 - 1890 Totleben was the provisional Governor-General of Odessa City and the Commander-in-Chief of the Odessa Military Region forces. From 1880 he was Vilno, Kovno and Grodno Governor-General and the Commander in Chief of the Vilno Military Region forces. Eduard Ivanovich Totleben was buried in Sevastopol. During 1863-1870 in Vyborg Town the fortifications on Batareinaya Hill (the Southern Fortress) and on the Vyborg Val Islands were built according to Totleben's project. One of Krostadt forts was named in honour of Totleben.

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