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Senno Holy Trinity Skete

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The Senno holy Trinity Skete (the village of Senno, the Boksitogorsk district). It is probably, in the the 16th century the church of Sts. Florian and Laurus was built in the village of Senno. The church was included into the Kolbetsky Pogost. In the 17th century the church was enlarged with two sige-chapels. The church was burned two times (in 1653 and in 1771) and twice rebuilt anew (in 1655 and in 1777). The new church, being on the present days, was constructed in 1881-1883. The single-domed stone church of the Holy Trinity with a high pyramidal bell tower was built during 1888 (1892) - 1898 in the Russian style. The parish included ten villages; the trusteeship, a temperance society of Venerable Seraphim of Sarovsk, a parochial school worked at it. In 1937 the church was closed, the superior was subjected to repression, the church rooms were used as a shop and club. In 1996 a skete of the Tikhvin Convent of the Holy Dormition headed by the nun Tabitha was founded on the place of the former parish. Churches were restored (the Trinity Vhurch in 1998; the church of St. Florian in 2001-2002); in 2005 -2006 the new church of the beheading of St. John the Precursor. In the Church of the Holy Trinity there is a reliquary, some respected icons. Nearby the skete there were two springs.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Tavifa (Tatyana Fyodorova), nun

Historical Toponyms/Kolbetsky Pogost
Leningrad Oblast, the/Boksitogorsk District/Senno Village

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