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Laurikkala Selim Yalmari (1882-1957), clergy figure

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Laurikkala Selim Yalmari (1882–1957), Finnish clergy figurehe studied theology at the Gelsingfor University (1905-08). From 1909 he was in Russia; he was pastor at the parish of Kotla (1910-13); then he was pastor at the parish of Ryabovo (1914-37). After October 1917 Revolution he worked simultaneously at the parishes of the Latvian church, the Finnish churtch, the Sweden church in the Petrograd Oblast. In 1919 he was arrested the short time for the suspicion of relations with White Finn movement. From 1919 he was deputy chairman of the Ingermanlandia Supreme Ecclesiastical Council (SEC) then he became the chairman of SEC (1924-37). From 1923 he was the propst of the North Imgria. Laurikkala was named as the "spiritual father of the Ingermanlandia Finns". In 1930-1937 he was the head of the Estonia SEC. In November 1927 he was exiles from the USSR but he received the permission to return to the USSR in December after the petition of the Finland diplomats and parishioners. In 1937 he was prosecurted in espionage, he was in prison for several months and then he was exiled again. From 1937 to 1952 he was in Finland where he preached for the Soviet prisoners of war from 1939 to 1940 and from 1941to 1943. From 1943 to 1944 he preached for the Ingermanlandia people who emigrated from their native land. From the 1990s the Theology Institute of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ingria was named after S.-Y. Laurikaly.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Laurikalla, Selim Yalmari

Laurikkala K.S. S.J. Laurikkala inkerinsuomalaisten hengellinen isa. Inkerissa 1909-1937, Ruotsissa, 1952-1957
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