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Polenov, Vasily Dmitriyevich (1844 - 1927), an artist

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POLENOV, Vasily Dmitriyevich (1844-1927), artist, architect, composer. In the period 1863-71 he studied simultaneously at the Imperial Academy of Arts and at the Law Department of St.Petersburg University. He took private lessons in painting from P.P. Chistyakov and I.N. Kramskoi. In the period 1872-76 he lived in Italy, Germany and France receiving Imperial scholarship from the Academy. In 1878 he became a member of the Circle of Itinerants (Association of mobile art exhibitions - Peredvizhniki). In 1878 he moved to Moscow. In the period 1882-95 Polenov he worked as a teacher at Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Among his students one can find I.I. Levitan, К.А. Korovin, S.A. Korovin, A.Y. Golovin. Polenov was a master of Russian lyrical landscape (“Moskovskiy Dvorik” (“Moscow Courtyard”), 1878; “Zarosshy Prud” (“Plant-filled Pond”), 1879; “Ranniy Sneg” (“Early Snow”), 1891, etc.). In 1891 Polenov settled down in Bekhovo estate near Tarusa Village and renamed it Borok (since 1931 – Polenovo). In his house he organized a public arts museum (since 1939 – V.D. Polenov’s Memorial Estate). Polenov died in his Borok estate and was interred on the bank of the Oka River. In the period 1855-81 he spent a lot of time in Polenovs’ patrimony, Imochenitsi Village, on the bank of the Oyat River. There Polenov painted 37 pictures, including “Oyat Pered Grozoy” (“The Oyat River Before the Storm ”) (1860), “Liubimy Dom v Imochenitsakh” (“My Favourite House in Imochenitsi Village”) (1872), “Portret Nikity Bogdanova” (“Portrait of Nikita Bogdanov”) (1876), “Zima. Imochenysy” (“Winter. Imochenitsi Villagers”) (1880), “Reka Oyat” (“The Oyat River”) (1880), sketches “Kholmy” (“Hills”), “Zakat” (“Sunset”), “Svir-Kanal” (“The Svir River Channel”), etc. In 1870s Polenov together with I.Y. Repin and I.N. Kramskoi visited Luga Town suburbs.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Chistyakov, Pavel Petrovich
Golovin, Aleksandr Yakovlevich
Korovin, Konstantin Alekseyevich
Korovin, Sergey Alekseyevich
Kramskoi, Ivan Nikolayevich
Levitan, Isaak Ilyich
Polenov, Vasily Dmitriyevich
Repin, Ilya Yefimovich

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