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Imochenitsi, a country estate

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Imochenitsi, a country estate (the Lodeinoye Pole district, on the right bank of the Oyat River). Lands, where the estate was located, were bought by the painter V.D. Polenov's grand grandfather in the end of 18th century. In 1855 a three-storied wooden mansion was built. There was a park with a pond and mill near the mansion. The painter visited the estate till 1881, he painted 37 pictures there. Some of them was devoted to Imochenitsi and its environs: "Usadba Imochenitsi" (The Estate in Imochenitsi), "Imochenitsi zimoy" (Imochenitsi in Winter), "Reka Oyat" (The River Oyat), "Gorely les" (The Scorched Forest), "Severnaya izba" (A North House), "Van'ka s Akulovoy gori" (Van'ka from Akulova Mountain), "Zolotaya osen" (The Golden Autumn), "Zarosshy prud" ("A Plant-filled Pond) and others. Plenov was visited by I.Ye. Repin, I.I. Shishkin, N.K. Roerich. Only cedar and larch trees planted by the painter have been intacted on the Polenovs' estate place. On present time the memorial stone has been placed, the pond and mill are being restored. In 2000 the village Church of St. Basil the Great was built.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Polenov, Vasily Dmitriyevich
Repin, Ilya Yefimovich
Roerich, Nikolay Konstantinovich
Shishkin, Ivan Ivanovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lodeynoye Pole District
Topographical landmarks/Oyat River, the

Акулова Гора. Сокровища Приоятья: Буклет / Сост. П.А.Васильев. Лодейное Поле, 2001
Зайцев П.М. Лодейное Поле: Историко-краеведческий очерк Л., 1964.
Лодейнопольский край в истории России. СПб., 2002.
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The Church of St. Basil the Great (Imochenitsy Village, Lodeinoye Pole District)

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