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Ryabuishkin, Andrey Petrovich (!861 - 1904), an artist

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RYABUSHKIN, Andrey Petrovich (1861–1904), an artist. He studied at the Moscow College of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1875-82), his teachers were V.G. Perov and I.M. Pryanishnikov and at the St.Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts (1882-90). He was a master of historical genre painting, his main subject of painting was Russia before Peter I. In the period 1887-91 he often stayed at Privolye estate owned by an artist I.F. Tyumenev (doesn’t exist; it was situated at the inflow of the Korodynka Rver into the Tigoda River, Tosno District). The view of the estate is depicted in Ryabushkin’s picture “Dacha” (“Country House”) displayed in 1888 at the Academy’s exhibition. In the period 1890-91 Ryabushkin painted from life his picture “Ozhidaniye Novobrachnykh ot Ventsa v Novgorodskoy Guberniy” (“Waiting the Newlywed from the Church in the Novgorod Province”) in Privolye Village (in those days it was in Novgorod Province). In the summer 1891 the artist built a studio on the high bank of the Korodynka Rver. There he created his large scale historical paintings: (“Poteshny Regiment Soldiers of Peter I in a Tavern”)(1892), “Sideniye Molodogo Mikhaila Fedorovocha s Boyaramy v ego Gosydarevoy Komnate” (“Meeting of Young Mikhail Fedorovich with Boyars in his Tsar’s Apartment ”), “Russkiye Zhenshchiny XVII Stoletiya v Tserkvy” (“Russian Women of the XVII Century in Church”)(1899). In 1901 Ryabushkin moved to Divino Village on the bank of the Tigoda River, where a house and a studio were built from his design (don’t exist). The view of the Divino Village neighbourhood is depicted in Ryabushkin’s picture “Zimneye Utro v Derevnye” (“Winter Morning in the Village”) (1901), in Divino Village he created one of his famous pictures “Yedut” (“They are Coming”)(1902). Ryabushkin died and was buried in Divino Village. In 1957 his remains were moved to Liuban Town Cemetery.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Perov, Vasily Grigoryevich
Pryanishnikov, Illarion Mikhailovich
Ryabushkin, Andrey Petrovich
Tyumenev, I.F.

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