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The Transfiguration Cathedral (Tikhvin Town)

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The Transfiguration Cathedral (Tikhvin Town, 9 Svoboda (Freedom) Square). In 1560 Prechistensky Posad (dwelling and trade buildings of the town of Tikhvin) was transferred to a new place in the connection with opening the Tikhvin Convent of the Dormition. Works were headed by the Novgorodian builder F.D. Syrkov, he constructed a wooden three-altar church too. The settlement centre was formed around the church of the Transfiguration of Christ. The church began to work again after the Trouble Times in 1625, it was burned in 1662. In 1663 the church was renewed with the side-chapel of the Annunciation and the side-chapel of St. Barlaam of Khoutyn, in 1693 it was burned. The stone cathedral was begun to built in 1693 according to the blessing of Cornelius, the Metropolitan of Novgorod; the building was finished from 1732 until 1748. The cathedral was suffered from the fire in 1770. During 1872-1883 a large refectory, decorated in the Russian style, side-chapels were transferred here (the architect I.I. Bulanov). The Stockholm Icon of the Mother of God (Tikhvinsky), which was bought out by Tikhvin merchants in Stocjholm in 1671, was the main object of worship (the icon was lost). The parish trusteeship and the Society of Sobriety worked at the cathedral. In winter 1931 the 40-metre bell tower was blown up, then the cathedral was closed and adapted for a cinema, five onion domes were demolished. The cathedral was given back in 1993, public worships were begun to perform in 1994 in the restored side-chapel of the Transfiguration (from 2006 repair-restored works have been done). From 3 July 2004 public worships have been performed in the western side-chapel of the Annunciation. The restoration of the façade was finished in 1998. The Icon of St. Sergius of Radonezh with the particles of the holy relics, the iconographic picture "The Appearance of the Virgin Mary to the Sexton George", an enamelled icon of the Twelve Major Festivals, the Fiodorovsky Icon of the Mother of God, the Icon of St. Nicholas, the Icon of St. Parasceva, Great Martyr are the respected objects of worship.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Bulanov, Ivan Iudovich
Kornily (Kosma), metropolitan
Syrkov, Fyodor Dmitriyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Tikhvin District/Tikhvin Town/Svoboda Square (Liberty Square)

Виноградова Л.В. Уездный город Тихвин. СПб., 2006., С. 25-31, 120

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