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Narova River, the

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NAROVA (Narva, obsolete Estonian Alukse), river. Length: 77 km. Catchment area: 56,200 sq. km. Flow rate: 399 cu. m/s. It flows out of Lake Chudskoye and it flows into the Narva Bay of the Baltic Sea. N. is a borderline between Russian Federation and Estonia. In Leningrad Oblast, it flows in Slantsi and Kingisepp Districts. The Rosson (actually an arm with a variable stream direction) connects N. to the Luga River. The largest tributaries of N. In Leningrad Oblast is Vtroya, and in Estonia, Gorodenka and Poruni. N. has the Omutsky Rapids (upstream; the waterfall height is abt. 5 m); downstream, there were the Krenholm Falls (waterfall height: 4-6 m) and Joala Falls (waterfall height: 6-7.5 m.) The rapids’ energy was used by the factories of Narva and Ivangorod towns (the largest settlements on the banks of N.) Downstream of the Narva Falls and up to the Friendship Bridge (motorway bridge connecting Narva and Ivangorod) N. flows in a canyon over 20 m deep. In 1955, the Narva hydro powerplant was built (belongs to Estonia.) As a result, the Narva Reservoir was formed (with the Plyussa River, former tributary of N., flowing into it), and the falls virtually disappeared (reappear when the powerplant dam opens to drain surplus water.) N. is navigable over the length of 14.9 km downstream of the powerplant, up to the mouth; the Narva Reservoir is also navigable.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna
Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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