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Sablinka River, the

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SABLINKA, a river in Tosno District, left-hand tributary of the Tosna River. Length: 26 km. Catchment area: 84.54 sq. km. It originates near Yeglizi village. Among the localities on the river’s banks, Ulyanovka urban settlement is the largest. S. has the only large waterfall in Leningrad oblast, the Sablinsky Waterfall (3.5 m high and 10 m wide.) Downstream of the falls, the river flows in a canyon, its banks overgrown with broad-leaved wood species and shrubs. Located on the bank of S. are the Sablino Caves (see Sablinsky, State integrated natural monument.) Students of the St. Petersburg State University departments of geology , soils and geography do their practical training on the S. and Tosna rivers (the Sablino training and research base is on the Tosna River.)

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna
Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

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