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Suyda River, the

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SUYDA (Suydinka), a river in Gatchina District. Length: 63 km. Catchment area: 475 sq. km. Flow rate: 3.1 cu. m/s. Its source is in a marsh north-west of Tikhkovitsi village. It is a karst river. It flows among fields and meadows, with its banks overgrown with shrubs, willow, and alder, and with spruce woods in its lower reach. It flows into the Oredezh River (in Vvedenskoye village.) The tributaries are the Kobrinka and Pizhma rivers. The toponym Suyda is of a Baltic Finnish origin (Finnish suo = “march.”) The Suyda Estate was near the S. river. In Melnitsa village, S. is spanned with the dam of an abandoned mill (the first mill was built there in the early 18th century; in the days of A. P. Gannibal, the owner of the estate, a stone mill was built, which existed until 1968.)

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Hannibal, Abraham (Ibrahim) Petrovich

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