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Syas River, the

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SYAS, a river in the south-eastern Priladozhye. Length: 260 km, of which, abt. 190 km within Leningrad Oblast. The average flow rate is 61.6 cu. m/s, and the catchment area, 7330 sq. km. It originates in the north-east of Novgorod Oblast, 6 km north-east of Terebutinets Railway Station. In its upper reach it flows in the north-western direction; downstream, north of Nebolcha urban settlement of Lyubytin District, Novgorod Oblast, it turns northward, and near Novoandreyevo village of Tikhvin District it changes its direction again to north-west. The river flows into the Volkhov Bay of Lake Ladoga near Syasstroy town. The largest tributaries are the Shuya, Dreglya, Volozhba, Tikhvinka, Lunenka, Valya, Kusega, Valgomka. The etymology of the river’s name is not clear. Although it may remind the Veps word “syask” = “gnat”, but such affinity is unlikely. The river is navigable from its mouth to Kolchanovo village, Volkhov District. In the middle reach, the river has several rapids (Valya, Kupeisky, Yukhora, Meleksa, Fedorovo, Rozhdestveno.) Along the banks of S. are the largest marshlands in the Oblast. The basin of S. contains monuments of the Priladozhye burial mound culture. Near Gorodische village, Tikhvin District, traces of a large settlement dated the break of the 1st and 2nd millenniums A.D. have survived. In the Middle Ages, the river was a part of the waterway from the Baltic Sea Basin to the Volga. On the right bank of S., in Stolbovo Village (currently in Volkhov District) a peace treaty was signed between Russia and Sweden (Stolbovo Treaty) on Feb. 27, 1617. In 1811, a part of the riverbed of S., from the inflow of the Tikhvinka River to the mouth, was included in the Tikhvin canal system, which functioned until 1965. In way of Meleksa village of Volkhov District, on the right bank of S., there is a worshipped water spring, with a wooden chapel built in the late 20th century.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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