Articles / Shirokikh, Andrey Anatolyevich (1962-1998), a scientist, literary man

Shirokikh, Andrey Anatolyevich (1962-1998), a scientist, literary man

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Shirokikh, Andrey Anatolyevich (1962-1998Listvenka Village of the Boksitogorsk district), a local historian, literary man. In 1971 Shirokikh with his parents moved to Pikalyevo Town. Here he finished the Vocational School No. 212 in 1981, worked as a rigger and welder. At the same time he studies the alternative medicine. From 1994 Shirokikh he worked at the Community Centre in Pikalyevo Town, from 1996 he worked as an trainer on tourism, headed the tourist club "Zarya", developed the complex tourist and local history curriculum "Naslediye-98" ("The Heritage - 98"). The oblast health-improving camp "The Heritage" in the east of the Leningrad oblast began working on the base of the curriculum (it works now). From his youthful years A.A. Shirokikh wrote poems and stories. He was an active member of the Literature Club (Association) at the Pikalyevo Town Central Library. A.A. Shirokikh's works were published in the 1980s - 1990s in the newspapers "Rabocheye Slovo" ("Worker Word"), "Novy put" ("The New Way"), the literary collection "Zarnitsi nad Ryazanyu" (" Lightnings over Ryazan City", 1990), "O druzyakh -tovarishchakh" ("About Friends", 2000). A.A. Shirokikh and his son have tragically perished during a kayak-paddling tour. He was buried at the semetery of Pikalyevo Town.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Shirokikh, Andrey Anatolyevich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Boksitogorsk District/Listvenka Village
Leningrad Oblast, the/Pikalevo Town

Пикалево – город спортивный. Пикалево, 2004., 124

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