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Bashutsky, Aleksandr Pavlovich (1803-1876), a literary man

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Aleksandr Pavlovich Bashutsky (1803-1876), a literary man, publisher. During 1811-1822 he learned at the Page College. During 1824-1832 Bashutsky was an aide-de-camp of St. Petersburg governors: M.A. Miloradovich, P.V. Golenishchev-Kutuzov, P.K. Essen. During 1839-1841 he served at the Ministry of Justice, from 1841 he served at the State Council. From 1842 he was the Chief of the Orphanage General Trusteeship Office. From the 1820s Bashutsky visited literary meetings, was published as a poet. In 1834 Bashutsky published a collection of historical and common essays "Panorama Sankt Peterburga" (The Panorama of Saint Peterburg") that brought him the fame. During 1838-1849 Bashutsky published several different profile magazines ("The Magazine of Useful Common Knowledge", "The Magazine of Industry…", "The Illustration" and others). During 1841-1843 he published the anthology "Nashi, spisanniye s naturi" ("Our People Who Were Drawn from the Life") (14 issues). The anthology was one of the first attempts of "physiological essay" in the Russian literature. Bashutsky was the author of the novel "Meshchanin" ("The Petty Bourgeois", 1840). In 1849 A.P. Bashutsky was slurred in embezzlement, dismissed from the work. During 1850-1854 he roved monasteries. He visited the Holy Trinity Monastery of St. Antony Dymsky, the Staraya Ladoga Monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. In 1854 he was a lay brother of the Tikhvin Monastery of the Holy Dormition, wrote the work "Tikhvinskiye monasteri" ("Tikhvin's Monasteries", 1854). Later A.P. Bashutsky was declared as the official historian of monasteries of Tikhvin. During the last years of his life Bashutsky spent a lot of time for the religious and church work, contributed to several magazines ("The North Bee", "Home Conversation", "The Son of the Fatherland") where he wrote as a publicist from the position of church conservatism, in particular, against "depraving" influence of science.

Kruzhnov, Yuri Nikolayevich

Bashutsky, Aleksandr Pavlovich
Essen, Pyotr Kirillovich, Count
Golenishchev -Kutuzov, Pavel Vasilyevich
Miloradovich, Mikhail Andreyevich

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