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Voznesenye, urban settlement

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VOZNESENYE, an urban settlement in Podporozhye District. Population: 2,800. It is situated at the head of the Svir River flowing out of Lake Onega. It is connected to Podporozhye town with a motor road and via the Svir. North-east of V., towards the border with the Republic of Karelia, a narrow-gage railway line extends. The settlement’s name originates from the Monastery of the Ascension (existed from the 16th c. till 1764) on the Svir’s right bank. By the end of the 15th century, 11 low-populated villages were known at the head of the Svir. The settlement grew on the site of Voznesenye Pogost and Svirskoye Ustye village due to the construction of the Onezhsky bypass canal, a part of the Mariinsky shipping system, in the middle 19 th century. By the early 20th c., V. had become a large trading and shipping port with the Voznesenskaya Wharf. Its official name was Namoiniye Peski village. In the Soviet period, it was developed as a transport, shiprepair, and timber processing hub. In 1927-54, V. was the center of a district in Leningrad Oblast of the same name. Urban settlement since 1935. Today, the settlement consists of five parts. Three of them, incl. Karnavolok and Novaya, are situated on the Svir’s left bank, and two, on the right bank. There are wharfs on both banks. Wooden houses predominate, however there is an urban-type block on the Svir’s left bank. The settlement has a library and a club. It has the Church of the Ascension , a monument to the Soviet soldiers who perished liberating V. during WWII, and a monument to V. I. Lenin.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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