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Yefimovsky, urban settlement

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YEFIMOVSKY, an urban settlement in Boksitogorsk District. Population: 3,900. It is situated on the Valchenka, Bystraya, and Sominka rivers. In the early 20th c. it was a railway station settlement at the St. Petersburg-Vologda railroad. It got its name due to the neighboring Yefimovo village. In 1927, it became the center of Yefimovsky District established in Leningrad Oblast (existed until 1965), and in 1964, a workers’ settlement. Being situated on an arterial railroad, Y. has an advantageous transport position, with an access to the Novaya Ladoga-Yaroslavl highway. Up to the mid-1960s, a shipping route functioned there (see Tikhvin Canal System.) During the 20th century, the settlement developed as a transport, adm., cultural, agricultural, and industrial center of the region. In the course of development and expansion, it incorporated some neighboring localities: the settlements of Bystroretsky and Yaroslavsky Shlyuz, and villages of Mashnevo and Nos. Before the 1960s, the development was with wooden houses, some of them two-storied. In the 1970s – 1990s, a residential block with multi-storied concrete panel houses and social/cultural facilities was built in the central part of Y. Y. has a district culture center, school of music, and library. An obelisk is erected in honor of local residents who were killed in WWII. In the southern part of the settlement there is the active stone church of the Prophet Elijah (1908.) 5 km north of Y., on the southern bank of the Tikhvin Canal, in the place of a burnt-down travel palace, there is a stone monument with a metal cross “In Memory of the Visit by Emperor Peter the Great between 1712 and 1716.”

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Peter I, Emperor

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