Articles / "Beryozoviye ostrova" ("Birch Islands"), a reserve

"Beryozoviye ostrova" ("Birch Islands"), a reserve

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"Beryozoviye ostrova" ("Birch Islands") is the state natural complex reserve. It is located in the territory of the Vyborg district, covers an area of 54,5 thousand hectares (including the water area of Gulf of Finland – 54,3 thousand hectares). It includes islands Bolshoy Berezoviy, Severniy Berezoviy, Zapadniy Berezoviy, Maliy Berezoviy, Ravitza, Maliy Solnechniy, Bolshoy Solnechniy, Volchiy, Petrovskiy, Tzepnoy, Zvenevoy, Bolshoy Otmel, Rondo, Klinok, Kuznechniy, Makovka and a number of smaller islands. It was founded with the resolution No. 145 of the Leningrad Region Executive Committee on 27th March 1976 , resolution of the government of the Leningrad Oblast on 26 1996, No.494 and on 16th August 2004, No. 158. It is governed by the Committee of the natural resources and environmental protection of the Leningrad Oblast. The purpose of the foundation is the saving of the natural complex of the archipelago of the Berezovye islands and water area of the north-east part of Gulf of Finland; the protection of the coastal shoals as the main place of the waterfowl birds of passage stand, the zone of the seal’s whelping, the breeding bottom of fishes and the organization of the monitoring state of them; the saving unique places of the vegetation on the islands, rare kinds of the flora and fauna; the maintenance of the environmental balance of the territory; the formation zone of the regulated recreation and ecological education.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

Topographical landmarks/Bolshaya Otmel Island
Topographical landmarks/Bolshoy Beryozovy Island
Topographical landmarks/Bolshoy Solnechny Island
Topographical landmarks/Gulf of Finland, the
Topographical landmarks/Klinok Island
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Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District
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