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"Kurgalsky", a reserve

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Kurgalsky is a state natural complex reserve. It is located in the territory of the Kengisepp district and occupies the area of 60 thousand hectares (including: 38,4 thousand hectares is the water area of Gulf of Finland, the water areas of lakes are 848 hectares). It was founded with the decision of the Governor of the Leningrad Oblast of 20 July 2000, No. 309-pg. It is governed by the Government of the Leningrad Oblast, LOGU Administration “Rokovye lakes”. The purpose of the foundation are the saving of the samples of natural complexes of the seaside landscapes of the Gulf of Finland’s south coast; the forest tracts of the natural and long derivative forests of the middle-, south- and taiga kinds; the maintenance of the biodiversity level, the protection of the rare kinds of the flora and fauna; the saving of the Gulf’s shallow water zone that is the main place of the breeding bottom of commercial fishes and the place of the natural treatment of the Gulf of Finland’s waters; the saving of the breeding colonies and migratory stands of waterfowls and nearwater birds, the places of the gray seal’s and ringed seal’s herd; the arrangement of the zones regulate recreation; the saving of the seaside dune landscapes which are typical for the Baltic coast. Kurgalsky peninsula is one of the northest territory where oak grows in the natural state. The typical peculiarity of the reserve is the presence of a number of deciduous kinds: the maple, two kinds of elm, the ash. The areas of the modern distribution of the lime groves and compounds fir groves have the especially valuable. The steppe seaside meadows of the original floristic composition and structure are stood out in the territory of the serve. It is unique phenomenon for the Leningrad Oblast and whole North-West of Russia. In general, the territory of the reserve is characterized with maximum diversity of the vegetable and animal kingdoms in the bounds of region.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

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