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Rubakin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1862-1946), a literary man, scholar

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Rubakin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich (1862-1946), an enlightener, bibliographer. He was born in Oraniyenbaum (Now it is Lomonosov Town). Rubakin graduated from the St. Petersburg University Physics - mathematics Faculty. He participated in a revolutionary movement, more than once he was arrested and exiled. In 1907 Rubakin emigrated into Switzerland, where he lived by the end of his life. Rubakin is the author of about 300 popular books on all spheres of knowledge. He studied readers' interests ("Sketches about Russian Reading Audience", 1895), developed the biblio-psychology theory ("Psychology of a Reader and Book", 1929). The most important bibliographic work by Rubakin is the manual "Sredi knig" ("Among Books", the 1st edition in 1 volume, 1906; the 2nd edition in two volumes, 1911-1915; the 3d volume was not completed). In 1906-1907 Rubakin lived and worked in Vyborg Town. The Lomonosov Central District Library was named after N.A. Rubakin.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Rubakin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich

Saint-Petersburg City/Lomonosov Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Vyborg Town

Рубакин А.Н. Рубакин. М., 1979.

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Lomonosov Central District Library named after N.A. Rubakin