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Lomonosov Central District Library named after N.A. Rubakin

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LOMONOSOV CENTRAL DISTRICT LIBRARY named after N.A. Rubakin (14 Shveitsarskaya Street, Lomonosov Town). The library was opened in 1934. Its general-purpose fund numbers 84,000 items, with over 66,000 loans annually. The library has about 3,000 readers, with 20,000 visits annually. When in 1973 Lomonosov District was one of the first to start the library centralization programme, it acquired the status of a central library. In 1975 for its achievements in organization and effecting of centralization the library was represented at National Economy Achievement Exhibition (VDNKH) and received a bronze medal. In 1998 it was named after N. A. Rubakin, in the same year the memorial museum of Rubakin was opened at the library. In 1978 in cooperation with Russian National Library (RNB) and St Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts it has run “Rubakin readings”. “Oranienbumskiy bibliofil” (The Oraniyenbaum Bibliophile) club worked at the library.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

Rubakin, Nikolay Aleksandrovich

Saint-Petersburg City/Lomonosov Town/Shveitsarskaya Street

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