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Gromovo, settlement

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GROMOVO (Sakkola before 1948), a settlement in Priozersk District. Population: 922.It is located on the shore of Lake Sukhodolskoye (former Suvanto.). Sakkola or Sakkula (according to one of the versions, from the name Zachary/Sakari) was first mentioned in the Vodskaya Pyatina scribe roll for 1480. A treasure of silver decorations of the 13th-15th cc. was found in Sakkola. In the 15th-16th cc. it was the center of Sakkula Mikhailovsky Pogost of Vodskaya Pyatina. The church of Archangel Michael that once existed there was not mentioned after 1576-77. Since 1616 it was the center of a Lutheran parish. The last (fourth) church built in 1781 burned down during WWII in the summer of 1941. In 1948, the village was renamed several times: Novinka, Yuzhnaya, and finally Gromovo. The current name was supposedly given in memory of P. I. Gromov, veteran of WWII. Later, several neighboring localities were incorporated in G. It is a popular summer recreation place. The settlement has a culture center. There is also a settlement of the same name at Gromovo railway station on the St. Petersburg-Priozersk branch (population: 1140) having a leisure center.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Gromov, Pavel Ivanovich

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Шитов Д.И. Карельский перешеек. Земля неизведанная. Ч. 4: Восточный сектор: Рауту–Саккола (Сосново–Громово). СПб., 2000, С.138-168, 209-218

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