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Oredezh, settlement

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OREDEZH, a settlement in Luga District. Population: 2682. Located on the left bank of the Oredezh River, which gave the name to the settlement. It is connected with a motor road to Luga Town and localities of the eastern part of the district; communication with St. Petersburg and localities of Leningrad Oblast and Novgorod Oblast is by railroad. In the Middle Ages, the waterway from Novgorod to the Baltic lands and to the Gulf of Finland was via the Oredezh River. The settlement appeared in the 19th century at the railway station on the St. Petersburg-Vitebsk line. It was developing as a local transport, handicraft, and agricultural center. In 1927-59 it was the center of a district of Leningrad Oblast of the same name. 6 km north of O., in Torkovichi settlement, glass works operated up to the end of the 20th c. The main part of the settlement is east of the railway station. The planning is of a regular nature, with both one- or two-storey wooden buildings and urban multistoried houses. O. has a culture house and a library. There are memorial plaques and an obelisk dedicated to the events of WWII. The chapel of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker was built in 2004.

S. B. Yegorov

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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