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Osmino, settlement

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OSMINO, a settlement in Luga District, adm. center of a rural settlement of the same name. Population: 1644. Located on the Saba River. It is on the crossing of motor roads leading to Slantsi District and to Pskov Oblast, and also having access to the Tallinn Highway and Kiev Highway. There is a toponymic legend relating the settlement’s name to the repair of a broken axle of the carriage of Peter I: “os’ menyali” =“axle replaced” > Osmino. There is both a Slav and a Baltic Finnish layer in the toponymy of the settlement’s environs, which indicates interaction of representatives of these ethnic communities. In the 17th and early 18th cc., the settlement was a strategically important point at the Russian-Swedish border, belonging to the Royal Court-owned Somry Volost. In the 19th and early 20th cc., O. was a village in Gdov Uyezd, St. Petersburg Gubernia. From the day of establishment of Leningrad Oblast on Aug. 1, 1927 till August 1961, O. was the center of a district of the same name, whose area was shared after its abolishment between Volosovo and Luga Districts. From July 1941 till February 1944 O. was occupied by the Germans. The Saba divides the settlement into two parts. The lowland on the right bank is called Osmino-Log, and the elevated left bank, Osmino-Gora. Apart from rural buildings, O. has urban-type houses, including five-storey panel residential houses. O. has a culture house and library. The wooden church of St. George the Martyr (1709) has survived. The opera singer P. Z. Andreyev was born in the settlement. In the environs of O. there is a natural monument – geological outcrops of Devonian and Ordovician rocks on the Saba River.

S. B. Yegorov

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Andreyev, Pavel Zakharovich
Peter I, Emperor

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