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Pudost, settlement

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PUDOST, ), a settlement in Gatchina District. Population: 2,500. Located at the railway station of the same name of the St. Petersburg-Gatchina Baltiyskaya branch. It is on the right bank of the Izhora River (long ago, the upper reach of the Izhora up to the inflow of the Paritsa River into it was called the Pudost River.) The name originates from the dialectal Russian “pudas” – arm or branch or a river (borrowed from Baltic Finnish languages: Karelian “puvas”, and Veps “pudas.”) P. had quarries of travertine (Pudost stone) used in the construction in St. Petersburg, Tsarskoye Selo, and Gatchina. By the end of the 19th c., the stone resources had been generally exhausted. The Ivanovka estate where A. I. Stackenschneider was born was in the current territory of P. From the 2nd half of the 19th c. it was a popular dacha place. In the early 20th c., poet I. Severyanin visited P. several times. The settlement has a library and a culture and leisure center. In 2005, a district alternative creativity festival was held in P. known as “Street Movement” and involving musicians, body art and graffiti artists, break dancers, and bikers.

A. Y. Chistyakov

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Severyanin, Igor (the real name was Igor Vasilyevich Lotarev)
Stakenschneider, Andrey Ivanovich

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