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Ivanovka, a country estate

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Ivanovka, a country estate on the bank of the River Pudost, is located in the eastern part of the settlement of Pudost near the railway station of the same name. It was owned to the family of F. and I. Shtakenschneider, the father and grandfather of the architect Shtakenschneider. The manor-house, surrounded with a small park, was built in 1798, at the same time the grange got its name. In 1802 the future architect was born there. In the 1850s on the place of the old manor-house the new wooden house with the quaint carving and lucarne windows in the second floor was built. A.I. Shtakenschneider regularly visited this house during his life, his family stayed there in summer monthes, and since 1862 he resigned and became to live there permanently. The architect's heirs sold the estate in 1876. In 2003 the house was burned out, a part of the olt parl was intacted.

Chekanova, Olga Aleksandrovna

Stakenschneider, Andrey Ivanovich

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