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Tervenichi, village

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TERVENICHI, a village in Lodeynoye Pole District. Population: 409. Located on the western shore of Lake Pogostskoye. The Veps name for the village is Terl (from the Old Veps name Terv; the current Veps “terv” = tar.) The village has access to the Tikhvin-Lodeynoye Pole route via a motor road, and is connected to localities in the south-east of the District. T. was first mentioned as a pogost, i.e. adm., trade, and later religious center of the neighborhood, in 1137 in the Statute of Prince Svyatoslav Olgovich of Novgorod. Written information of the early 1580s mentions two churches at Mikhailovsky Tervenichsky Pogost. On June 1, 1991 the Tervenichi convent of the Protection of the Virgin was founded in T. The stone church of Assumption of Our Lady (1861) has been restored, and two stone chapels, a refectory with its church, and accommodation and service premises have been erected. T. has a clubhouse, library, and local museum of Veps culture.

S. B. Yegorov

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Svyatoslav Olgovich

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