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Yaroslavichi, village

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YAROSLAVICHI, a village in Podporozhye District. Population: 216. Located on the right bank of the Oyat River. The motor road connecting the village to Vinnitsi and Alyokhovschina extends cross Y. The Russian name is related to the ancient Slav name Yaroslav. The main population is the Vepses; in their language, the village is called Vilhal, supposedly from the Baltic Finnish personal name or nickname Vilha meaning “straight, long, slim.” The settlement probably emerged in the late 1st or early 2nd millennium A.D. In the 20th c., the village united two localities, Y. as such and Bereg. The traces of these previously independent localities can be seen in today’s appearance of Y. The riverside part retaining a more traditional image, and the modern center elevated above the river terrace are distinguishable. Y. has a library, clubhouse, and local lore museum based in the school. At the end of June, the “Tree of Life” Veps holiday is celebrated.

S. B. Yegorov

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

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«Вепсский лес». Природный парк. Путеводитель. Б.г., б.и., С. 29.

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