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Vyaysyanen, Armas Otto (1890-1969), an ethnographer

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Subject / Ethnic culture//
Subject / Ethnic culture//

Armas Otto Vaisanen (1890-1969) was a folklorist, ethnographer. He studied at the University of Helsinki. In 1919 he became a Master, then in 1939 he became a Doctor of Science. Since 1919 he was a member of the Kalevala Society, in 1930-42 he was its secretary and since 1942 he was its chairman. In the period from 1940 to 1956 he was a associate professor of the Helsinki University and from 1956 to 1959 he was a professor of this University. He was occupied with studing the musical folklore of Finno-Ugric peoples and collecting material. During the period from 1912 to 1923 he made six trips through Estonia where he wrote down the folklore of the Setu, made tours of Mordvian villages (1914), Finnish and Russian Karelia (1915-20), areas of living the Sami near Pechenga (1926) and in Sweden (1946). On the territory of the Leningrad Oblast A.Vaisanen explored the West Ingermanlandia (1914), areas of living the Southern Veps (1916, together with E.N.Setyalya he collected the works of folklore at the last Veps kantelists; see Singers of Runes). He was an author of the study about the such Baltic-Finnic musical instruments as kantele and jouhikko. His works are: Kantele ja Jouhikko savelma. Helsinki, 1928; Моrdwinische Melodien. Helsinki, 1948; Vepsalaisten luona v. 1916 // Kalevalaseuran Vuosikirja 49. Porvoo; Helsinki, 1969. S. 272-288.

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Setyalya, Emil (Eemil) Nestor
Vyaisyanen, Armas Otto

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Hiljainen haltiotuminen. A.O. Vaisanen tutkielmia kansanmusiikista. Toimittanut Erkki Pekkila. Pieksamaki, 1990.

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