Articles / Putro, Mooses (1848-1917), a musician

Putro, Mooses (1848-1917), a musician

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Mooses Putro (Moisei Matveyevich) (1848, Kyullisi Village of Tsarskoye Selo Uyezd of the Saint Petersburg Gubernia - 1919) was a composer, musician, educator. He was born in a peasant family. In 1866 he finished Kolpany teachers and kusters' seminary. From 1866 to 1872 he worked as a teacher in the seminary, then he worked as a village teacher in Dudergof Volost. In 1878 he finished the courses of the Imperial Musical Society under the Saint Petersburg Conservatory. Since 1872 he was an organist and cantor of Finnish Lutheran St. Mary's Church in Saint Petersburg. In 1872 he organized "Soyuz pesni peterburgskikh finnov" ("The Song Union of Petersburg Finns") on the base of the parish choir (in 1902 the union was turned into "Peterburgskoye finskoye muzykalnoye obshchestvo" ("The Finnish Musical Society of Petersburg") and became its chairman. He was an author of the instrumental works for organ (the music for "Tserkovnoye rukovodstvo finskikh yevangelichesko-lyuteranskikh prikhodov Rossiyskoy imperii" ("The Canon of Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Parishes of Russian Empire"), choral miniatures, some songs including the song "Nouse, Inkeri" ("Podnimaisya, Ingria" (1888, "Rise, Ingria"); in co-authorship with P.Ryaikkonen) which became the anthem of the Finns of Ingermanlandia. From 1884 to 1905 he worked as an editor of the newspaper "Inkeri" ("Ingria") which was published in Saint Petersburg in Finnish in 1884-1905 and 1907-17. He was a member of the committee "The Finnish Charitable Society", an initiator of holding singing festivals in Ingermanlandia (from 1899 to 1913 six festivals were organized in different village parishes). The work of M.Putro had a large influence on forming the ethnic self-consciousness of the Finns of Ingermanlandia. During the Civil War he was missing in Petrograd.

Chistyakov, Anton Yuryevich

Putro, Mooses
Ryaikkonen, Paavo

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