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Kolpany Teacher-Kuester Seminary

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Kolpany Teacher -Kuester Seminary (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District), secondary school. It was founded at the Lutheran Church of Apolstle Peter in 1863. Lutheran-Evangelical pastors, teachers for the public schools, clergy (kuesters) and organists were prepared in this seminary. F.О. Groundstrem was the first directot of the seminary. From the 1880s seminary was subordinated the Minisrty of Public Education. Period of education was three years, curriculum consisted of religious studies, Finnish ans Russian, mathematics with bases of geometry and practical surveying works, geography, history, natural sciences, education science, singing and organ music. Education was in Finnish. After February of 1917 the seminary received the financing from the Province Zemstvo, therefore the number of students were increased and the new class was opened. In 1917 K.Tyunni was the director of the seminary during some months. In 1919 the seminary was closed. 1200 graduates were prepared in the seminary.

Ansberg, Olga Nikolayevna

Groundstrem, F.O.
Tyunni, Kaapre

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Maliye Kolpani Village

Карху Э.Г. Малые народы в потоке истории. Петрозаводск, 1999., С. 155-156, 160
Kolppanan seminaari 1863-1913. Viipuri, 1913., С. 155-156, 160

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Lutheran Church of St. Apolstle Peter (the village of Maliye Kolpany, Gatchina District)

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