Articles / Yevpraksia (Nakhotinina) (c.1730-1823), clergy figure

Yevpraksia (Nakhotinina) (c.1730-1823), clergy figure

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Yevpraksia (Yevdokiya Fyodorovna Nakhotinina; between 1729 and 1734 -1823, the village of Staraya Ladoga), a hegumenness, zealot of godliness. Yevpraksia was born in a merchant 's family, was taught reading and writing. From 1768 Yevpraksia lived in the Staraya Ladoga Convent of the Dormition; from 1777 she was a nun, from 1779 she became the superioress. Yevpraksia headed works on the monastery improvements: in 1781 new cells were built, in 1802 the narthex of the Annunciation side-chapel of the cathedral was built. Yevpraksia built a lonely hermitage with a chapel in the Abramovo Forest not far from Ladoga Lake, she with her own hand dug a well above which she placed a cross. The hegumenness Yevpraksia was respected by the laity and the clergy. Metropolitan Gabriel (Petrov) called her "a spiritual sister" and he appointed her for the managing of the Smolny Convent (before 1798). From 1822 Yevpraksia lived in seclusion, prepared a gravestone for herself. After her death it was ascertained that she was admitted to great monastic schema. Yevpraksia was buried at the altar of the Cathedral of the Dormition, the grove was lost after 1917.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Evpraksia (Nakhotinina) (about 1730- 1838), church figure
Gavriil (Petrov), metropolitan

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Staraya Ladoga Village

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