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The Resurrection Church (Toroshkovichi Village, Luga District)

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The Resurrection Church (Toroshkovichi Village, the Luga District). The original wooden church, built in the 16th century (the first mention about the church was made in 1582, it was rebuilt in 1690), it was burned in 1852. The new wooden church was built in 1856 (it was supposed to built by the architect A. Savvin). On its place in 1906-1907 the Windsor-brick church with one wooden dome and bell tower, made in the Russian style of the 17th century, was constructed according to the design of the architect N.N. Nikonov. The church was consecrated in October 1906. It was closed in March 1930 but in the connection with a petition of parishioners it was opened again in April. It was repeatedly closed on 19 November 1939 and adapted for a community centre. Public worships were resumed in 1942 by the priest Vasily Sergeyev who was the church dean until 1944. The archpriest Pyetr Zharkov, who was subjected to repressions earlier, was the last church dean before the new closing. From September 1960 authorities did not permit to appoint a new priest. The church was closed in 1963; in April 1964 icons, sacerdotal robes, utensils were taken out the church and burned. The drum with dome and bell tower were destroyed. The church was returned to belivers in 1995. After the partial repair and making the roof in spring 2004 the public worships were resumed.

Shkarovsky, Mikhail Vitalyevich

Nikonov, Nikolay Nikitich
Savvin, A.
Sergeyev, Vasily Semyonovich
Zharkov, Pyotr Ivanovich

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Toroshkovichi Village

Земля Невская Православная: Краткий церковно-исторический справочник / Науч. ред. В.В. Антонов. СПб., 2006.

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