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Temples of the Clement parish (Novaya Ladoga Town)

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Temples of the Clement parish (Novaya Ladoga Town, 41 Karl Marx Prospekt). In the town of Staraya Ladoga from the 12th century there were the stone cathedral of St. Clement (built in 1153) and the church of Our Saviour (built during 1159-1161) that were destroyed by Swedes in 1617. The wooden churches, built on their places, were transported in the town of Novaya Ladoga in 1704 according to an order of Peter I. The stone church of St. Clement was built for the money of the merchant D.I. Konstantinov during 1741-1743. The stone winter church of the Vernicle Image of the Saviour with the side-chapel of the Birth of St. John Precursor and the side-chapel of the Presentation in the Temple was built for the money of the merchant S. Tretyakov during 1758-1765. The churches of the Clement parish are remarkable for the archaism of their shapes. The church of St. Clement is single-domed one with a pier-shaped octahedral bell tower; not high church of the Saviour is crowned with the blind set of five onion-shaped domes. In July 1873 the parish was visited by the Metropolitan Isidore (Nikolsky). After his visit the church of St. Clement was repaired (on the project of the engineer-architect K.V. Fortunatov) and painted (parts of frescos are survived). The bishop Hermogenes (Dobronravin) consecrated the church on 30 June 1878. There were two chapels, the hermitage "Klimentovshchina", a church-parish school in the parish. The cross from the village of Sari, with which the life-saving of a Russian detachment from Swedes in 1701 was connected, was kept in the parish. The church of the Saviour was closed in 1935, in 1938 the church of St. Clement was adapted for a cinema. The interior and iconostases were destroyed. The church dean archpriest Nikolay Lavrov was shot in 1937. From 1948 a fish-factory was placed in the church building, from the early 1990s the chruch buildings have been empty and gone to ruin. The headstone of the Novaya Ladoga merchant, philanthropist N.F. Kulagin is survived between churches.

Bertash, Aleksandr Vitalyevich

Fortunatov, Konstantin Vasilyevich
Germogen (Konstantin Dobronravin), archbishop
Isidor (Iakov Sergeyevich Nikolsky)
Konstantinov, Dmitry Irodionovich
Kulagin, Nazary Fomich
Lavrov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich, archpriest
Peter I, Emperor
Tretyakov, Semyon

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volkhov District/Novaya Ladoga Town/Karl Marx Prospekt

Марков Н.П. Новая Ладога, уездный город Санкт-Петербургской губернии в современном его состоянии. Остров, 1892.
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