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Novaya Ladoga, town

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NOVAYA LADOGA, town in Volkhov District. Population: 10,000. Located in the central part of Leningrad Oblast in the Priladozhskaya Lowland, in the mouth of the Volkhov River, 25 km north of Volkhov Town. Administratively, the town also comprises five rural localities along the Novoladozhsky Canal west of the Volkhov: Dubno, Kivgoda, Krenitsi, Ligovo, and Sumskoye. The town is located on the Medvedets Peninsula, being a wharf on the Volkhov River, Novoladozhsky Canal, and Lake Ladoga, and a junction of motor roads to St. Petersburg, Murmansk, and Yaroslavl. The southern coast of Lake Ladoga in way of N. L. was populated as early as in the Neolithic Age. In the 15th century, St. Nicholas’s Monastery in Medvedets existed on the site of today’s town. The town was founded by Peter I at the mouth of the Volkhov River as the shipbuilding center of Southern Priladozhye in September 1704. In the first quarter of the 18th century, about 160 ships were built at the Novaya Ladoga shipyard. From 1719, N. L. belonged to Ingermanland Gubernia, from 1727, in Novgorod Gubernia, from 1773, the center of an uyezd of the same name, which was added to St. Petersburg Gubernia in 1781. In1946-63 it was the center of a district of the same name, then a part of Volkhov District; from 1997, town of oblast subordination (separate municipal entity); since 2006, in Volkhov District again. The city was named opposite to the ancient settlement of Ladoga, which has been called Staraya Ladoga since then. Apart from moving the adm. center to N. L. from Staraya Ladoga and Tikhvin, some of their residents were also moved there by the order of Peter I. In the 18th – 19th cc., the Staroladozhsky and Novoladozhsky Canal routes were laid via N. L. Before the early 20th century, the town developed as a transit station on a waterway, and as a trading, shipbuilding, and fishing center. Due to the construction of the St. Petersburg railroad in the early 20th century, the transport value of the canals was lost, and they are used for local needs today. During WW2, the command center of the Ladoga naval flotilla was based in N. L., with its hospitals and shiprepair yards. The city layout is related to the canals and the Volkhov, on the left bank of which it was developed. The complex of St. Nicholas’s Monastery in Medvedets is placed within N. L. It includes St. Nicholas’s Cathedral (XVI в.) and the Evangelist church of St. John (early and middle 17th c.) Some historic buildings and structures have survived in the center of the town. Among the architectural monuments are the buildings of the former officer’s club and barracks of Suzdal Regiment (18th century), wooden St. George’s church (1768), St. Clement’s church (1743.) The buildings of the stone shopping arcades (1840-42, by architect Malinin) still exist. The former house of merchant Timofeev (mid-19th c.) accommodates the museum of local history , and the former house of merchants Kostrov, (19th c.), a school of music. N. L. has three libraries, Culture Center, cinema hall, Youth Creativity Center, school of arts, Ladoga chess club, picture gallery, Center of children’s and youth hiking and sailing sport with a children’s yacht club. The “Golos Ladogi” newspaper is published. In the common grave cemetery of the WW2 period, an obelisk is installed in memory of the perished men (1978); a memory plaque is installed (1977) on the house where Vice Admiral V. S. Cherokov, commander of the Ladoga naval flotilla , lived during WW2. In 1985, a memorial to the Ladoga flotilla was erected using the minesweeper TSch-100 and the tug steamer “Kharkov.” In 2004, a bust of Peter I was installed.

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Cherokov, V.S.
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Peter I, Emperor

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