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Aksakov, Sergey Timofeyevich (1791-1859), a literary man

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Aksakov, Sergey Timofeyevich (1791-1859), a writer, theatre critic, Corresponding Member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1856). Aksakov attended the Kazan Grammar School during 1801-1805, and during 1805-1807 he attended the Kazan University, but he did not graduated from it. In 1808 Aksakov moved to St. Petersburg, worked in the Bill Drafting Committee and in the Expedition of the State Incomes. In 1811 Aksakov moved to Moscow. From 1827 till 1832 he served as a censor in the Moscow Censor Committee, during 1833 - 1838 he was an inspector and then the Head of the Constantin Boundary Institute. From the late 1820s Aksakov's house is a centre of the literary and social life of Moscow. His first work was published in 1812. The most important Aksakov's works are the book about the nature and autobiographical fiction: "Zapiski ob yzhenii rybi" ("Notes about Fishing", 1847), "Zapiski ruzheynogo okhotnika Orenburgskoy gubernii" ("Notes of the Orenburg Gubernia Gun Hunter", 1852), "Rasskazi I vospominaniya pkhotnika o raznikh okhotakh" ("Talkings and Memoirs of Hunter about different Huntings", 1855), "Semeynaya khronika" ("The Family Chronicle", 1856), "Detskie gody Bagrova-vnuka" ("Childhood Years of Grandson Bagrov", 1858), "Literaturniye I teatralniye vospominaniya" ("The Literary and Theatre Reminiscences", 1858), and others. In the 1840-1850s Aksakov often visited the Kobrino estate of his sister N.T. Kartashevskaya (now it is Kobrino village of the Gatchina district). The estate manor-house built in the early 19th century. Aksakov died and was buried in Moscow.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Aksakov, Sergey Timofeyevich
Kartashevskaya (nee Aksakova), Nadezhda Timofeyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Gatchina District/Kobrino Village

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