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Cherepovets Area

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AREAS (Okrug), adm./territorial units introduced in the USSR by the first Soviet adm./territorial division reform (1923-29). The reform was developed by the Gosplan (State organization for the economic planning) and consisted in cancellation of the... more

Cherepovets Gubernia, the
CHEREPOVETS GUBERNIA, adm. and territorial unit with the center in the city of Cherepovets in the North-West of Russia in the early 20th century. The resolution to establish C. G. was adopted in 1918 at the meeting of representatives of five... more

Leningrad Oblast, the
LENINGRAD OBLAST, subject territory of RF. Area: 83,900 sq. Km (max. Extension from west to east: 446 km, north to south: 325 km.) Population (as of 2002): 1,669,000. The Oblast borders Pskov and Novgorod Oblasts in the south, Vologda Oblast in the... more