Articles / Klodt, Pyotr Karlovich (1805- 1867), an artist

Klodt, Pyotr Karlovich (1805- 1867), an artist

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KLODT, von Urgensburg, Pyotr Karlovich, Baron (1805 – 1867, Khalola estate, Vyborg Province), sculptor, caster, academician and professor at the Imperial Academy of Arts (since 1838), head manager of smelting house at the Academy. Since 1829 he studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Klodt is an author of monuments and easel painting, in his works he combined traditions of classicism and spontaneity of life observations: a group of six horses for Narva Triumphant Arch (1833), four sculpture groups “Ukrotitely Koney” (“Horse Tamers”) on Anichkov Bridge (set up in 1849-50), a monument to I.A. Krylov in the Summer Gardens (1848-55), equestrian statue of Nicholas I on the St.Isaac’s Square (1856-59), a frieze “Loshad na Sluzhbe y Cheloveka” (“Horse at Man’s Service”) for the Marble Palace (the end of 1840s) in St.Petersburg, a monument to K.I. Bistrom in his estate Romanovka (Kingisepp Town). In 1850 Klodt bought a country estate in Khalola Village, Vyborg Province (modern Klevernoye Settlement, Vyborg District). In his estate he set up a workshop where he made a statue of Martin Luther and presented it to a Lutheran church in Uusikirkko parish (at present doesn’t exist). Klodt died in his estate and was buried in Smolenskoye Lutheran Cemetery in St.Petersburg. In 1936 his remains were moved to Necropolis of Masters of Arts in Alexander Nevsky Laura.

Margolis, Aleksandr Davidovich

Bistrom, Karl Ivanovich
Klodt , von Urgensburg, Pyotr Karlovich
Krylov, Ivan Andreyevich
Nicholas I, Emperor

Historical Toponyms/Vyborg Gubernia/Khalola
Leningrad Oblast, the/Kingisepp District/Kingisepp Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Klevernoye Settlement

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