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Luga exhibition hall

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LUGA TOWN EXHIBITION HALL (54, Uritsogo av., Luga Town). It was opened in 2001 as an Arts Department under the Town House of Culture. The exhibition area is 100, there is also some room for stock art. During its existence the exhibition hall organized 36 art exhibitions for professional and amateur folk artists; two exhibitions of photo portraits, several exhibitions of children’s and teenagers’ works of art. In 2002 an exhibition of the Leningrad Oblast artists was held here. It became a tradition to introduce to Luga Town citizens works of art painted by artists from other regions once a year. Information about exhibitions is regularly reported by mass media, including Newspaper “Vesty” (“News”), the Leningrad Oblast TV, local radio. During the work of exhibitions meetings with the artists are organized, applied art artists give master-classes. Subsequently, the exhibition hall and its collections are supposed to be transformed into Art Gallery.

Karavayeva, Valentina Andreyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Luga District/Luga Town/Uritsky Prospekt

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"Vesti", ("The News"), a newspaper

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