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"Vesti", ("The News"), a newspaper

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"Vesti", ("The News")(St Petersburg, 30 Millionnaya St), regional social, political newspaper . The first publishing was in December 1990. Constitutors are the government of the Leningrad Oblast and "Newspaper "Vesti" JSC .It is the largest newspaper in oblast, spread throughout its all municipal institutions with circulation 100 thousand . It is publishing three times a week, in colour, on Tuesdays and Thursdays there 4 or 6 sections, on Saturdays there are 8 or 12 sections. Since January 1997 there has been an electronic version of " Vesti" on the Internet. It's a source of official information from the government of the Leningrad Oblast.The newspaper reflects events of economic,social and cultural life of the region . There are regular columns :"Farmstead"(dedicated to gardening, market gardening,domestication), «Made in Leningrad Oblast», «Old Album», «Here is Your Home», «Think It Over!», regional columns «Heritage» , «The Past» etc. It's for all age and professional groups.It pays special attention to pensioners' problems.There is a special column dedicated to them"My Dear Old People". Reporters' letters of inquiry from "Vesti" let thousands of veterans to solve their particular problems and this activity gains high prestige of the newspaper. "Vesti" was awarded a title «Public Recognition» (1997) and a prize «Golden Pelican».

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