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Khaustova, Irena Aleksandrovna


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Ivangorod Fortress
Ivangorod Fortress (The Ivangorod Town is located on the right bank of river Narova) This fortress was founded in 1492 on the Devichiya Hill(Maiden Hill) and it is located opposite the castle order Narva. The fortress was named in honour of grand... more

Restoration of buildings of architectural and historic interest.
Restoration of buildings of architectural and historic interest. The first experience of the research restoration of the Russian Middle Ages monuments in the territory of the pesent-day Leningrad Oblast dates from 1846-1847, when in the Ivangorod... more

The Dominican Monastery
The Dominican Monastery(the town of Vyborg, 13 Vyborgskaya Street). In 1318 the wooden Dominican church was in Vyborg. In 1392 the construction of the Dominican Monastery of Black Brother was begun; in 1471-1481 the new stone cathedral was... more

Wooden architecture
Wooden architecture. In the east and north-east of the Leningrad Oblast (Boksitogorsk, Podporozhye, Lodeynoye Pole districts) there are many preserved wooden building that are typical for the Russian North: izbas (Russian traditional wooden peasant... more