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Ozera Village

Group name
Podporozhye District

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Oyat River, the
OYAT, river, left-hand tributary of the Svir River. Length: 266 km. The average flow rate in the mouth is 54.8 cu. m/s, catchment area: 5220 sq. km. Its source is Lake Chaimozero on the Veps Hills (in Vologda Oblast, 7 km away from the Leningrad... more

Podporozhye District
PODPOROZHYE DISTRICT, municipal entity. Population: 35,200. Area: 7705.5 sq. km. Located in the north-east of Leningrad Oblast. In the north-west and north, it borders Olonets, Pryazha, and Prionezhsky Districts of the Republic of Karelia; in the... more

"The Tree of Life", a vepses festival
“DEREVO ZHIZNY” (“TREE OF LIFE”), Veps festival – a holiday of Veps culture. Veps name is “Elon Pu”. The festival was organized in 1987 in Vinnitsy Village, Podporozhye District, one of the centres of Veps culture, on the initiative of the... more