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Oyat River, the

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OYAT, river, left-hand tributary of the Svir River. Length: 266 km. The average flow rate in the mouth is 54.8 cu. m/s, catchment area: 5220 sq. km. Its source is Lake Chaimozero on the Veps Hills (in Vologda Oblast, 7 km away from the Leningrad Oblast border.) In Leningrad Oblast, O. flows within Podporozhye and Lodeynoye Pole Districts. Initially it flows to the west, after Shondovichi village it turns to the north, changes the direction again to southwest before Vinnitsi village, to north-west before Alyokhovschina, and in way of Nikonovschina village it makes a turn and after that, retaining the westward direction in general, forms numerous bends and flows into the Svir downstream of Domozhirovo village. The most important tributaries are Lower Kurba, Sondala, Tuksha, Shoksha, Kuzra, Tyanuksa, Shapsha, Ascina, Savinka, Viliga, Tiksha, Bolshaya Lubloga, Chegla. The river’s name is related to the Baltic Finnish “oja” = brook. In the middle and lower reach of O. there are several dozens of burial mounds of the Ladoga Coast culture of the late 1st and early 2nd millennium A.D. In the basin of O. there are the localities of Vinnitsi and Tervenichi known from the 12th century, and Ladva, Ozera, and Yaroslavichi known by the data of scribe rolls of the late 15th century. These and some other localities in the upper reach of the river are inhabited by the Oyat group of the Vepses. In the middle reach of O. there is Imochenitsi, an country estate where artist V. D. Polenov lived. The landscape of the river valley is diversified and picturesque. The basin of its upper reach is included in the “Veps Forest” natutal reserve .

Yegorov, Sergey Borisovich

Polenov, Vasily Dmitriyevich

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Imochenitsi, a country estate
Kurgans (barrows) of the southern Ladoga Lake region.
"Vepssky Les" ("Veps Forest"), a park