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Apraksin, Pyotr Matveyevich, Count


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Kobrino, a country estate
Kobrino, a country estate (the village of Kobrino, the Gatchina district). In the early 18th century the waste of Koprina belonged to Count P.M. Apraksin. Since 1762 A.P. Gannibal became the owner of Kobrino, he built a small country estate of... more

"Suida", a museum-estate
"Suida", a museum-estate (the Gatchina district, Suida Village, 4 Central Street). Between the 12th and 15th centuries the Suida pogost was an administrative and territorial centres of the Koporye uyezd of the Vod pyatina. Peter I granted the... more

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Voskresenskoye Village, Gatchina District)
The Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Voskresenskoye Village, 1 Tsentralnaya Street). In an estate of Count P.M. Apraksin the first wooden church was built in 1718. From 1759 the grange of Suida was owned by A.P. Hannibal, a necropolis had... more