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Green belt, the

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The Green Belt is the forest zone around Saint-Petersburg. It includes woodland parks in the territory of Saint-Petersburg and the Leningrad Oblast (Vsevolozhsk, Vyborg, Lomonosov districts). These woodlands parks keep the favourable environment in Saint-Petersburg and perform the recreational function. The Belt was founded in 1933, and changed its borders a few times. In 1943 woodland parks obtained the status of the First Category forest where any deforestations were forbidden (except sanitary deforestation). Since 1948 the Green Belt was under the authority of the Leningrad City Executive Committee. The woodland parks of the Leningrad Oblast traditionally were a part of forestries. It is so-called “Leningrad princip” (The Leningrad principle) of the administration that differs from “Moskovskiy princip” (The Moscow principle) where woodland parks are independent economic units. In 1990 the area of the Green Belt was 140 thousand hectares (the area of the forests was 120 thousand hectares). The forest stand of the woodland parks generally is formed by pines, spruces, birches, aspens. Frequently the mixed forests are found. In some woodland parks there were plantings of the broad-leaved trees (oaks, lindens), larches, cedar pines and others stocks. The net of the roads and lanes were laid in the woodland parks and resting places were built. In the territory of the Leningrad Oblast the most important woddland parks are Yukkovskiy, Kavgolovskiy, Novokavgolovskiy, Nevsky parks (all of them in the Vsevolozhsk District). Since 1994 the Green Belt had been managing by “GUP Lesoparkovaya zona” (The State Unitary Enterprise “The Woodland Zone”) that is subordinate to the government of Saint-Petersburg. After approval of the Wood Code in 1997 the problems of the distribution of the managing functions appear between Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast as the independent constituent regions of the Russian Federation. According of the order of the head of the Forestry Federal Agency of 6th May 2005, the woodland parks which are in the territory of the Leningrad Oblast were given under authority region’s forestry enterprises, such as Sosnovckiy, Kirovskiy and Lomonosovskiy.

Tripolskaya, Anna Aleksandrovna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Lomonosov District
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vsevolozhsk District
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District

Игнатенко М.М., Гаврилов Г.М., Карпов Л.Н. Лесопарки Ленинграда. Л., 1980

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"Kavgolovsky", a wooded park
"Nevsky", a wooded park
"Novokavgolovsky", a wooded park
"Yukkovsky", a wooded park

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