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Volosovo Central Town Library, the

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VOLOSOVO TOWN CENTRAL CHILDREN’S LIBRARY (Volosovo Town, No 57 Vingissara Prospekt). Founded in 1944. First book request made by N. T. Muru. Its general-purpose fund contains 55,000 storage units. The library has about 3,000 readers, with 7,000 borrowings annually. It is also the cultural and information centre for the town. Since 1996 the library has run “Veteran” Club, one of the first clubs for elderly people in the Leningrad Oblast.

Blyudova, Lyudmila Konstantinovna

Muru, Nadezhda Timofeyevna

Leningrad Oblast, the/Volosovo District/Volosovo Town/Vingissara Prospekt

Пекун Л.И. Сфера культуры и искусства в Волосовском районе // Волосово: История родного края: В 2-х ч. Ч.1. – Волосово, 2002., С.105-107

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