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Ino, a fort

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The Ino fort (it was named Nikolaevskiy to 1917). The fort is located on the cape Inoniemi on the north coast of the Gulf of Finland in the region of the railway station Privetninskoye (Vyborg District). The fort was built in 1908-16. It was named in honour emperor Nikolay II. There are open and close fortifications, four artillery battery with 32 long-range guns (caliber from 305 to 155 mm), nine base stations, casemates, powder-magazines, casernes. The height of parapets battery is more than 4 m and length 250 m. The railway was built to haul ammunition (the length 3 km). The message from the southern shore of the gulf was held in the underwater cable length 22 km. The artillery fire of the fort, with support from the southern coast, was completely blocked the approaches to Kronstadt. In 1917 the garrison of the fort was consisted of 5500 people. 14 may 1918 its garrison was evacuated, because the fort was on the territory of independent Finland. All structures of the fort were detonated on the same day by the electric charge by cable from Fort Krasnaya Gorka. After the suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion 1921 in the fort was a refugee camp. The attempts by the Finns build new batteries in 1918 and 1941-44 in the ruins of the fort were suppressed fire. After entering the Karelian Isthmus in the Leningrad Region fort was not restored until 1990 but there were placed troops. Currently, the ruins of batteries, trenches, remains of the harbor are attract the tourists.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Nicholas II, Emperor

Neighbouring Territories/Finland
Topographical landmarks/Inoniyemi Cape
Leningrad Oblast, the/Vyborg District/Privetninskoye Settlement, Railway Station

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