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Krasnaya Gorka, a fort

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Krasnaya Gorka, a fort (Alekseevskiy fort and in 1919-44-Krasnoflotskiy fort). The fort is located on the hill Krasnaya Gorka on the south coast of the Gulf of Finland in the area of the village Lebyagie. The fort was built in 1908-16. It is named after Crown Prince Alexis Nikolaevich. There are 30 long-range guns with caliber from 305 to 152 mm and guns with small caliber. He played an important role in the defense of the approaches to Kronstadt and Petrograd from the west. The counter-revolutionary rebellion was in the Fort Krasnaya Gorka in 13-16 June 1919. The rebellion was supported by forts Seraya Loshad (Grey Horse) and Obruchev .
The rebellion was suppressed by ships of the Baltic Fleet. The fort took part in repelling the attack on Petrograd the army of general Yudenich N.N. in November 1919.The fort was reconstructed in 1926-30.During the Soviet-Finnish War the fort has supported the Soviet troops offensive with artillery fire, which was sent to the southern flank of the Mannerheim Line. The fort defended the western sector Oranienbaum bridgehead during the Great Patriotic War.
In January 1944 the fort provided fire support for the offensive 2-Second Shock Army. In 1944 the fort was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. The fort was disarmed in connection with the liquidation of the Kronshtadt fortress in 1950. On the territory of the Red hill in 1975 opened the memorial complex. In the adjoining village Krasnoflotskoye the museum was opened that is dedicated to the history of the forts.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Alexei Nikolayevich, Tsesarevich
Yudenich, Nikolay Nikolayevich

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Saint-Petersburg City/Kronshtadt Town
Leningrad Oblast, the/Lomonosov District/Lebyazhye Urban Village

Амирханов Л.И., Тименко В.М. Форты Кронштадта. СПБ., 2004.

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