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Forts of the Kronstadt Fortress

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Forts of the Kronstadt Fortress. There are forts (coastal fortifications) of the Kronstadt naval Fortress in the territory of Leningrad Oblast: Ino (Vyborg district), Red Mountain and Grey Horse (Lomonosov district). The building of these powerful defensive installations finished the forming of the fortress that was founded by Peter I in 1704 (the fort Kronshlot). The central fortress on Kotlin island was building in 1723-40, in 1825-50 it was rebuilding after inundation of 1824. Since 1834 forts on the pile bases had been building around Kotlin: “The Empire Peter I”, “The Empire Alexandr I” and others. After the Crimean War in 1860-1880s 7 forts in the north fairway and 3 forts in the south fairway were built under the direction of E.I. Totlebena. In the end of 19 century there were 17 naval forts. In 1897-1913 in the north fairway from the west of Kotlin forts Obruchev and Totleben were built and fort Riph was built in the north extremity of the island. The forts on the coasts of Gulf of Finish were building in 1908-16, wide apart from each other: Ino in the north coast in 27 kilometers; Red Mountain and Grey Horse in the south coast in 15 kilometers from Kotlin. Their artillery equipments was allowed to overlap east part of the Gulf of Finish . The Ino fort was burst in 1918, the forts in the south coast were a part of Kronstadt Fortress until its disbandment in 1957.

Piryutko, Yuri Minayevich

Peter I, Emperor
Totleben, Edward Ivanovich

Topographical landmarks/Gulf of Finland, the
Topographical landmarks/Kotlin Island
Saint-Petersburg City/Kronshtadt Town

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